Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jewellery genuine?
On this website all of our pieces are Genuine Antique or Vintage (not reproductions). They have been handed down through generations and as such may at times show a little sign of age appropriate wear.
We try to find pieces that are beautiful and different, things that you will never find in modern jewellery stores today.
So if you like to be creatively unique never go past our Antique and Vintage Jewellery pieces, they are quality made, not massed produced, and so unique. They all have special secrets handed down through time.
They are described as accurately as possible by our Jeweller, Tom, who has 50 years experience in the Jewellery Trade.

What is Gold Filled?
Gold Filled (or Rolled Gold) and Gold Plated is very different.
Gold plated is a non-regulated very thin plating of gold.
Gold Filled is said to be equivalent to a low carat gold and with proper care will last a lifetime. (we are selling the proof)
Gold Filled is two thin gold sheets with a supporting piece of core metal (approx 1 inch thick) placed between to form a sandwich and then laminated with a brazing alloy into one inseparable sheet. After the fused ingot is made, it is placed in a rolling mill and rolled out to the required thickness.

Do you sell new Jewellery?
On this site we specialise in Antique and Vintage Jewellery items, however we do have a category with new rings and another with some new jewellery. In our Morpeth shop we have a range of new jewellery as well.

Who am I buying from. Are you a recognised business?
Yes. We have been trading in Morpeth as Morpeth Jewellery Gallery for over a decade. We are a well known and respected Jewellery store. For more details see the About Us – Contact Us section.

Where do you get so much Jewellery from?
We have a full time buyer, who is in contact with suppliers in many countries, mostly by email and often by phone during the night. These include Jewellers, Deceased Estate Buyers and Auction Buyers, etc. The countries include, USA, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France and of course, Australia. As well, our Jeweller goes on buying trips to Scotland.

What if I am not sure about buying a certain item or find out I am not happy with my purchase?
Here at Morpeth Antique Jewellery Gallery, we do accept item returns. You can receive a full refund if the item is not as described in the description.
If you simply do not want the item, for example it is not what you where expecting or you have bought the item for someone who does not want the item, we will be happy to accept your return and you can exchange the item for something else or request a voucher.
If seeking a second opinion, please ask more than one reputable Jeweller, preferably who are experienced in Antique Jewellery.

What is a Carat?
A diamond’s carat refers to its weight, not its size, which is instead determined by its length, height and width.
The word carat is derived from the Greek “keration,” meaning fruit of the carob tree. Because the seeds of the carob were uniform in size, they became a unit of measure of fine gemstones.
Since an average carob seed weighs 200 milligrams, the weight of 1 carat was set at 200 milligrams
Carat weight may also be expressed by a point system, with 1 carat equalling 100 points; 3/4 carat 75 points; 1/2 carat 50 points; and 1/4 carat 25 points.